"Worm" (2009): My "How are you?" of Games

Play Worm (2009)

After I made "Snake", I took it to work the next day to show my coworkers. They all seemed interested, asking questions and looking at the code. Then, one issued an interesting challenge: “Dude, you should make ‘worm’”. The idea was an interesting incremental change. Rather than occupying discrete blocks within a grid like the snake, the worm position values would be continuous.

I was intrigued and pumped out the change that night.

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"Snake" (2009): My "Hello World" of Games and Javascript

Play Snake (2009)

Back in 2009, Chrome was brand-spankin’ new. Though it would be a while before it became the polished juggernaut it is today, its V8 engine had just fired a warning shot across the bow of Microsoft and Mozilla. You could tell that shit was about to get realz!

I was still a junior developer at the time trying to make heads or tails of all this inter-webz stuff. But a coworker of mine was really starting to focus his attention on javascript. With his help, I was able to really get my head around crazy things like anonymous functions, closures, and function scope.

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Hello World...Again

It’s been a while since I’ve had a place to put my thoughts. My previous site met an unfortunate end while running an upgrade on the server OS. Coincidentally, that’s also when I discovered that my backups…well…didn’t exist. Oops. Shoulda double checked on that.

You didn’t miss much

Since then, I’ve been too lazy to set another one up. But, as of late, I’ve been itching to clarify my thoughts by airing them. If I’d gotten around to this a year ago, it would have been all things React. Likely stuff along the lines of “a kitten dies every time you mix Flux or Redux logic with presentation components” or “Hitler used stateful components”. You know…the standard battles in the modern javascript world that function mostly for self-gratification.

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