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David Granado

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"Make a Set" (2010): An Exercise in Obsession and Cheapness

Play Make a Set (2010) In 2010, we visited with my wife’s family for Thanksgiving. While we were winding down for the night, she and her cousins pulled out a game called Set. So we started playing…and I got absolutely

"Worm" (2009): My "How are you?" of Games

Play Worm (2009) After I made "Snake", I took it to work the next day to show my coworkers. They all seemed interested, asking questions and looking at the code. Then, one issued an interesting challenge: “Dude, you sh

"Snake" (2009): My "Hello World" of Games and Javascript

Play Snake (2009) Back in 2009, Chrome was brand-spankin’ new. Though it would be a while before it became the polished juggernaut it is today, its V8 engine had just fired a warning shot across the bow of Microsoft and

Hello World...Again

It’s been a while since I’ve had a place to put my thoughts. My previous site met an unfortunate end while running an upgrade on the server OS. Coincidentally, that’s also when I discovered that my backups…well…didn’t